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What is boyfriend jeans?

As the name suggests, boyfriend jeans are a variation of personality, a little "unisex" for women. The "key" keyword to describe these "boyfriend" pants is comfort, spacious, baggy shape. These stylish jeans have become a trend since they were worn by the "sexy" symbol Marilyn Monroe in the 60s of the last century. Since then, jeans have always been "defaulted" with the image of loose and loose pants. This is also the type of pants that is most easily caught with the personality torn jeans, large fringes ... They are the exact opposite of tight skinny jeans, hugging and showing off the curves of the new era. To dress these pants in the most beautiful way, what ladies need to pay attention to is pay attention to the sewing pattern of the pants. Slim bodies will suit sleek boyfriend pants, meanwhile, ladies with a slightly full body will suit pants that are a little bit over the bottom.